That’s why Invisible Fence® Brand—so often equated with dogs—has made it a priority to “start from scratch” with cats. This means every service and solution we offer today is tailormade for homes that love their cats as much as for those that hold dogs closest. From the earliest moments of product R&D to the last moments of certified training class, someone on our team is there to ask:

Ok, great. But will it work for cats?

Introducing Invisible Fence® Brand Solutions for Cats

Whether you’re looking for a new solution for an outdoor cat, hoping to add indoor compatibility to an existing fencing solution, or just want to add a lightweight collar to your Total Solutions package—Invisible Fence® Brand has the perfect fit for you and your one-of-a-kind cat.

Some worry that an electronic pet collar, well suited to a Lab, will look and feel like overkill on a cat. But weighing in at just an ounce, our featherweight MicroLite® Computer Collar® receiver is the smallest, most advanced, cat-friendliest collar on the market.

For those still raising, despite all the warnings, that would-be mountain lion known as an outdoor cat—we’ve got solutions for you, too. Doorman™ Pet Door’s  slim, lightweight design and collar-sensing technology is perfectly responsive to the dialed-back nudge of a cat.

Got a multi-pet home where dogs and cats can mingle? You’ll respond especially well to our Shields® Indoor and Outdoor Solutions—which can create unprecedented changes in mealtime behavior and make for many a blissful Sunday afternoon with the whole family in the yard, by the pool or in the garden.

Introducing Perfect Start™ Cat Training

What about our well-known training protocols and trainer-certification standards—did we go to the trouble of rewriting them for cats? Why, yes, we did. Our proprietary Perfect Start™ Plus Training method, initially developed for dogs in cooperation with professional animal behaviorists from across the United States, has now been successfully adapted to cats. The result is the 4-step Perfect Start™ Cat Training Protocol—the only way to safely and surely acclimate your cat to Invisible Fence® Brand Systems, indoors and out.

Our expert pet trainers also come equipped with Digital Report Card Technology. An especially useful innovation among felines, the Digital Report Card captures a picture of your cat’s progress even when class is dismissed. Alas, exhibitionism is unbecoming in a cat.

So, don’t let the Retriever logo fool you, we’re soft on cats, too.  Ask your local dealer about Invisible Fence® Brand Solutions for Cats today. What’s the use of nine lives if you can’t enjoy them?

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